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1 Chronicles 9

We have concluded the list of all the lineages and now have started to understand the activity of the time.  People are starting to move back to Jerusalem.  The first to return were those responsible to keep track of the temple and worship.  Caught me a little off guard as I would have expected maybe a different focus for the first to return.  But chapter 9 is all about the tasks that these folks were responsible for.  One of the more interesting is those who are permanent responsibility for guarding the gates of God’s house.  There are some pretty interesting facts about this.  There were main security guards posted at the four entrances, east, west, north, and south; 25 their brothers in the villages were scheduled to give them relief weekly–the four main security guards were responsible for round-the-clock surveillance.  At first read this seemed like a cushy job, but when I ponder it the responsibilities were pretty darn deep.  24X7 surveillance, responsible to keep count of all things used in the temple, security – actually quite a load to carry.  My question is – how are you doing “guarding the gates of God’s house?  Are you protecting God’s place of worship – maybe not physically – but from the attack of the enemy in terms of relationship issues, standing strong with your pastor, teaching the kids, diving in with all your energy?  God’s house is protected when the men of God step up and do their job.  Too often men are guilty (and my hand is going up here) of not leading and taking responsibility for what needs to happen in the church.  I pray that we all will look in the mirror and see what God wants us to do in terms of guarding His house. 

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