1 Chronicles 6

Chapter 6 continues the list of lineage.  This is a little different in that the last half of the chapter is about those who were tasked with serving in the temple – leading worship, making music and ministering.  Scripture says they “followed the instructions given to them”.  Prior in this long list of people through the first five and a half chapters we have heard of warriors and workers good at their trade.  Here we get the list of those tasked with things that many of us as men don’t seem to think that important.  At least that is what I observe in many churches.  Guys are not engaged in worship and music.  We walk in with mind cluttered –  mumble through the songs –  watch the clock to see when we will escape.  Where it really shows is when I watch the young boys and men standing by their fathers and never moving their lips.  God tells us to “make a joyful noise”.  Guys – we set the tone for how our kids will worship in their future by how we do it today.  This is an area we need to focus and really set the tone.  Going to church to meet God is something we need to be very focused on and totally engaged in.  If we aren’t, we certainly can’t complain when our kids turn out just like us, and most likely they will.  How will you worship tomorrow?  God will show up – will you?  With all your attention and energy?  Set the example and greet Him!

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