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Esther 8

Esther comes before the king again.  This time she truly demonstrated what it means to intercede.  The order that had been issued to kill all Jews was still in effect.   Obviously Haman wouldn’t be doing it as he had been hanged on the gallows he himself had built.  But Esther knew she had to get the king to change the order.  She approached boldly and put her own life on the line.  Mordecai is given charge over Haman’s estate and the signet ring of the king.  The king approves a complete turnaround and an order is written not only to revoke the previous order but authorize the Jews to kill anyone who threatened them.  What a change.  Check out the result of Esthers intercession:  For Jews it was all sunshine and laughter: they celebrated, they were honored.  It was that way all over the country”.  What a change a few days can make when God is in control.  Scripture captures the real essence this way: “now it was dangerous not to be a Jew!  We serve an awesome God guys.  Look at the amazing things He has done and continues to do today!

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