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Esther 4

 Esther has found out that the Jews have been ordered killed by the king.  She sent word back to Mordecai that she really couldn’t get involved.  That is really what she says here…check this out:  “Everyone who works for the king…..knows that there is a single fate for….approaching the king without being invited: death….it’s been thirty days now since I’ve been invited to come to the king”.  Does the word excuses come to mind for you.  Esther’s people are about to be wiped off the face of the earth and she doesn’t want to get involved.  You may remember that she still has not told the king that she in fact is a Jew herself.  Mordecai calls her out.  He challenges her unwillingness to get involved.  He makes a very profound statement.  “Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for just such a time as this”.  Only one thing I would challenge in what he says – maybe.  Esther was made queen for just such a time as this.  This entire set of circumstances is no mystery to God.  Nothing that happens is.  God is in complete control.  Esther is in the place she is because it is such a time as this.  God doesn’t make mistakes guys.  He puts people where they are for His purposes moment by moment.  That is true of your life today!  You are where you are, in the circumstances you are, with the people that surround you, because God has a plan for you to make a difference.  It is not an accident.  The circumstances may be difficult – Esther’s sure were.  But that doesn’t change what God’s plans are and the fact that He alone can see the entire picture.  Our job is not to wonder if this is the way it is supposed to be but to live in obedience right here and right now because we were exactly made for “just such a time as this”.  If things are tough at home, or at work, or at church, or even in your own life – you were put there for just such a time as this.  It is not a mistake – it is not an accident – it is not optional.  God has us where He does for a purpose.  Just like Esther – it won’t be easy – but just like Esther – what we do impacts people for eternity.  We will see her response next week as we continue.  But today – I want to encourage you to ask “what is God doing around me that He has put me here for just such a time as this?”  That is the most important mission for you to achieve.  God will tell us if we only stop and listen.  We have some very important work to do for Him.  Don’t miss it!

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