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Ezra 8

Ezra chapter eight lists the people who are making the trip with Ezra to Jerusalem.  This really does parallel Nehemiah’s journey in many ways.  He calls them to assemble beside the Ahava Canal and they spend three days their waiting to take off on the journey of a lifetime.  Ezra finds he is short a few people that he wants in the city so he sends for some Levites.  He has literally hundreds there, but he wants the right team going. And this is what he says: “the generous hand of our God was on us”.  Ezra gets it right.  This assembling of the people to return to their homeland is not his event.  The God of the Universe is in charge here.  And God was faithful to bless him.  I am impressed that while they are getting ready to leave Ezra declares “a fast to humble ourselves before our God and pray for wise guidance”.  Can’t you feel the excitement.  People have come together to make a trek back to Jerusalem to live and Ezra stops them for a few days by the canal to prepare for their journey.  He wants them to fast.  Seems like the exact opposite way that you would prepare to walk for miles.  He wants them focused on humility.  That seems strange since this is really a victory march in a sense.  He wants them to pray for guidance when it was obvious that Ezra was the man and would lead them home.  How easy it would have been to just rush on toward Jerusalem thinking it was all about Ezra.  But he wasn’t about to let that mistake happen.  He stops the team and makes sure they get their heads on right, their hearts lined up with God and everyone in the right seat on the bus before they take off.  This wasn’t going to be a simple little jaunt.  Ezra tells us he “was embarrassed to ask the king for a cavalry bodyguard to protect us from bandits on the road”.  They had to transport 3.75 tons of gold and 28.75 tons of silver to the temple.  And they didn’t have an 18 wheeler to haul it in guys.  This was a major task.  This is Nehemiah craziness all over again.  The impossible is happening here right before our eyes.  God is in the miracle business.  He shows it to us over and over in His word.  It happens in this chapter of Ezra.  It is happening in your life today.  Do you see it?  If not it isn’t because He is not at work.  You just aren’t looking!

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