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2 Kings 23

Josiah had been given word by Huldah that things were not going to end well for his people and kingdom.  In 2 Kings 23 we see a man on a mission to make things right with God.  Holy cow – he is obsessed with repenting and cleaning things up.  He tore down, cleaned up, burned up, killed and did lots of other things to make things completely right with God.  He reinstated the Passover which had not been celebrated for a very long time.  He burned the bones of dead people from their tombs.  He really “scrubbed the place clean” and got rid of everything he could find that was not pleasing to God.  He was filled with passion to lead his people back to God.  Scripture tells us “Josiah did this in obedience” – so his motive was right too.  He just wanted to please God.  Hilkiah the priest was a key part of making sure they got it all rooted out.  Evil was no more in the kingdom.  Sacred cows of the past were slaughtered – primarily the sex and religion shrines that has been there for generations.  Josiah was serious and took drastic action to bring the people back to God. 

 Are there any skeletons in your closet that need to be rooted out and burned?  Is there anything that is keeping you from walking in total obedience to God?  Are you at all distracted from God by anything in your life?  We need to have the passion of Josiah and get rid of it.  We need to clean up and get right with God.  He set the standard here.  On Monday we will see the results.

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