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2 Kings 22

Josiah’s leadership team is dispatched to Huldah the prophetess.  These five guys “consulted with her” and are given the bad news: “I’m on my way to bring the doom of judgment on this place and this people”.  She is very clear to them why God’s judgment is coming:

  1. Because they’ve deserted me and take up with other gods
  2. Because they made me thoroughly angry by setting up their god-making businesses

You will recall that Josiah had learned of the sin of his ancestors and the people earlier in this chapter and had called for everyone to PRAY.  He had torn his robe in “humble repentance” and wept before God.  Josiah knew that his grandfather, father and others before them had not walked in God’s ways and things were not good.  So he seeks God and does the right things to try and correct things.  God recognizes that.  His prophetess gives this word to be delivered to Josiah: “Because you took seriously the doom of judgment…..responded in humble repentance….tore your robe….wept…’ll have a quiet death and be buried in peace”.  Not exactly the ending you expected??  After all Josiah was a “good king in God’s eyes” and had repented from the sin of his father and those before him.  He had done what he could to right the ship.  God says one more thing about Josiah’s future: “You won’t be around to see the doom I am going to bring on this place”.  Still not the result we would like to see.  The lesson here is strong and clear – there is a price to pay for sin.  It may not be paid by the generation that commits it.  That is why scripture tells us that sin can have an impact to the third and fourth generation.  Not fair?  Life is not fair but God is.  God cannot allow sin without punishment.  He is holy and righteous.  He can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.  I can’t explain why Josiah is the time that God chose to punish the people.  But the truth is clear – sin will have to be dealt with.  It is true for each of us.  Our sin may not be punished upon us, but it could impact our legacy and generations to come.  That is a sobering thought to me.  How I live will likely make a difference on Micah, my young grandson.  Puts a whole new spin on life.  Makes my focus on obedience a very important part of how I live every day.  Have you considered the impact of your life on those who follow?  Josiah lived that reality.  How much better to walk with God in relationship and leave a legacy of godliness…………..

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