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2 Kings 21

 Scripture tells us that God was “totally fed up” with Manasseh because he was “setting new records in evil” by leading the people against God’s command.  God doesn’t just sit idly by – he sends word through his prophets that he “will visit catastrophe” on the kingdom and its people because they have “pushed me to my limit”.  Did you know God runs out of patience with us sometimes?  He is a loving God full of grace and mercy, but even He has limits in how long He will wait for us to get our act together and walk in obedience to His word.  Manasseh exceeded that limit and God basically turns them over to the enemy for destruction.  Amon his son follows.  He only lasts two years before he is assassinated.  Scripture says “he followed in the footsteps of his father” – he was also an evil king.  Why is it that kids always pick up the bad things we do as dads but not so much the good things?  I have noticed that all my bad traits end up coming back through my kids but the few good ones don’t replicate nearly as easily.  It just reinforces that we have to invest time and energy building up our kids in the right things.  If we don’t they will default to the bad things they see in our lives.  Amon surely was an example of that.  We see it over and over in scripture as one bad king begat another many times over, and often good kings had bad kingly sons too.  We have a very important job to do guys.  Lead well – it matters!

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