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1 Kings 13

Jeroboam begins to get the message about what will happen because of the way he has abandoned God and put false idols in place.  God sends a “holy man” to preach at the Altar.  This holy man tells Jeroboam and everyone gathered there that a son will be born into “David’s family named Josiah…will sacrifice….human bones burned”.  Pretty straight stuff considering the king is sitting right there.  Jeroboam reaches out to arrest the holy man but “his arm was paralyzed and hung useless”.  Whoa – that changes things pretty quickly.  And just then the “Altar broke apart and the holy offerings spilled” just like the holy man had said it would.  Jeroboam changes his tune very quickly after seeing the power of God in action through this man.  He immediately asks for prayer to heal his arm and receives it.  All is restored and he asks the holy man to “join me for a meal”.  “The holy man told the king” that he was under “God’s orders….don’t eat a crumb..”  So he left “by a different road than the one on which he had walked” just as God has commanded him.  Can you imagine the change that Jeroboam has in his life in a few short minutes here.  He is on top the world ruling his kingdom when some unknown guy walks in to his place and announces that a future ruler would be born to another family.  As he reacts in anger, his arm goes limp and then the altar splits before his eyes.  He immediately gets it.  This guy is for real and needs to be listened to.  So he asks for prayer to get his arm back and offers a meal, which is refused.  How quickly things can change.  In this case, Jeroboam was given the kingdom because Solomon had been disobedient.  Guess what, Jeroboam falls into the exact same trap.  He turns from God and allows other idols to get in the way.  It wasn’t women this time but same issue – something got in the way of the relationship with the true God.  My how quickly people forget.  The fact that God wrote it as one of the 10 commandments should be a clue that He is serious.  There shall be no other God’s before Him.  There shall be no idols created by human hands that take His place.  We need to keep Him in His rightful position in our lives men.  It is critical!

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