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1 Kings 12

Solomon is dead.  His son Rehoboam is now being seated as the king.  When he assembled the people to talk about this change in rulership, he got an ear full.  The people wanted relief from all the hard work and toil that Solomon had placed them under.  They were ready to have a break.  They pleaded with Rehoboam to back off a bit.  He seemed taken aback by their request and asked for three days to consider their request.  The elders said “If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they’ll end up doing anything for you.”  But Rehoboam “spurned the counsel of the elders” and rather listened to “the advice of the younger set” of advisors he had grown up with.  Big mistake as we will find out in the days ahead.  Rehoboam pulled the “if you think life under my father was hard” card.  He tells the people they are going to have it worse than before.  Obviously wisdom was not passed down to this young arrogant kid.  He did things partially right – he asked the elders what to do.  But he makes a very fatal mistake by spurning their counsel and listening to the young people he had grown up with.  He blows off the wisdom of his elders – to treat people well with servant leadership.  Who we surround ourselves with and listen to makes a huge difference guys.  We can learn much from our elders.  Some may work for us, it may be our parents or an older man or couple we know.   But we need to heed the lessons here.  We need to find godly counsel from older people and pay attention.  The Bible teaches that lesson over and over.  We can fall into the pride battle of thinking we know it all or can figure it out for ourselves.  That is a quick way to fail.  Rehoboam screws up his future completely by shunning the wisdom of the elders for his own desires.  What a mistake.

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